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One in custody over selling EBM invoices

A man is under custody over allegations of selling electronic billing machine invoices to accountants without goods or services.

The man admitted those allegations yesterday to different media after being caught by the Rwanda Revenue Authority though National Police’s Revenue Protection Unit.

Allegations are that Mbarushimana Moussa was evading taxes using EBM, where he used to offer these invoices delivering services and goods.

Mbarushimana Moussa accepted the allegations saying he used to print invoices for people, saying he started that malpractice in 2014. He said he initially started business without that intent but that after failing his planned businesses, he discovered that he can earn from selling invoices.

He said he used to sell to different companies through their accountants, and he used to change them 1% of the invoice. The intention of buying EBM receipt was to claim later the VAT refund to the tax administration.

The man who originates from Rusizi district but now resident in Gasabo said: “I admit my mistake I never denied the allegation; I can advice people working in that way to bring back their electronic billing machines and abandon that risky business.”

Mukashyaka Drocelle, Deputy Commissioner for taxpayer’s services explained that the suspected registered under two companies Daricco and Erobay ltd, at RDB and then bought an EBM to distribute to different people.

The companies started operating respectively 2012 and 2013.

From 2013 when he started using EBM, tax evaded is close to 861,547,274 Rwf without counting the delay penalties fees.

Mukashyaka said: “Buying an invoice without goods or services is a serious mistake because it’s using forged documents. Anyone is business must avoid that misconduct,” adding that the network is being monitored as the police and the tax administration have enough information and means to track defaulters, and VAT mechanisms using IT systems.

Electronic billing machines, monitoring VAT mechanism is now easier, as EBM information goes immediately to RRA which eases audits.

Mukashyaka called everyone to help the tax administration and enforcement authorities to identify criminals by giving tax evasion cases.

She also warned those who might have been involved in similar case to come to declare at RRA before there are caught red handed.

“Anyone having part in evading taxes is subjected to punishment according to the nature of their mistakes.”

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