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New registered taxpayers get tax awareness

Over a four hundred newly registered taxpayers got training on taxes this Thursday at RRA headquarters Kigali, as they acquired their tax identification number (TIN) in 2016.

The declaration and payment of income tax is done before 31 march of the year after registration of a taxpayer.

TIN is the identity of the business and the business operator has to comply with declaration and payment according to tax laws.

Drocelle Mukashyaka, Deputy Commissioner for taxpayer’s services department urged the crowd to respect laws of taxation as well as contribution to the economic development of the nation by voluntary tax compliance. She warned taxpayers against the misuse of their TIN.

The tax education is in line with RRA’s mandate to serve the nation by helping the taxpayers fulfill their tax obligations. There is a strong connection between tax awareness and tax compliance, which makes Rwanda Revenue Authority, put much emphasis on tax education.

The tax administration in partnership with private sector federation puts many efforts in making people getting out of information business sector and register to comply with government rules and regulations which request for every business person to get registered and pay taxes according to their capacities.  The total number of taxpayers increased by 5% between July and December 2016.

Rwanda Revenue Authority accounts for about 150,000 registered taxpayers. The tax administration is tasked to collect 1,084 billion in this fiscal year 2016/2017. 

Reports indicate that total Revenue collections for July-Dec 2016 were Rwf 514.9 billion against a target of Rwf 516.5 billion which makes a score of 99.7%

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