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RRA implores tax advisors to act professionally

The Commissioner for Domestic Taxes Mr. Kayigi Habiyambere Aimable calls on tax advisors to up professionalism in their trade so as to support tax compliance and cushion businesses against consequences of tax evasion.  

In providing tax advisory services, tax advisors play a big role of helping businesses pay due tax and connecting them to the tax administration.

However, Mr. Kayigi indicates that some tax consultants are going around good professional ethic by advising taxpayers to evade taxes instead of complying.

 “Tax advisors should not be advising taxpayers to avoid taxes. Instead, they should help comply with their tax obligations,” he urges.

Citing some cases of EBM fictitious invoices, he encourages tax advisors to work professionally.

Over the years, The Rwanda Revenue Authority invests time and resources to educate taxpayers on their duty to comply and disadvantages that come with non compliance. Deterrent measures including penalties and prosecution for criminals apply to those that refuse to comply.

Already, some 34 companies are blacklisted because of using falsified electronic billing machine invoices; cases where invoices are issued in absence of goods and services exchanged.

Mr. Martin Nkurunziza, chairman of tax advisors’ association, emphasises the profession plays the vital role of supporting RRA in tax education, a key factor for increasing revenue collection but hastened to add professional work is key. 

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