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New taxpayers in Kicukiro district delight with tax education

New registered taxpayers in Kicukiro district expressed their satisfaction about tax education as Rwanda Revenue Authority continues to train individuals and companies which got their Taxpayer Identification number in 2016.

Vivian Mizero who deals with weddings preparations and decorations business said that she was delighted with the tax training gained from the tax administration, believing that the skills will help her become more tax compliant.

“What I didn’t know is that when you don’t pay the trading license before 31 March you are subjected to a penalty of Rwf 100,000. I know other taxes and fees and now I am very confident to be a taxpayer.”

Mizero appreciates the fact that the tax administration gathers new taxpayers for training, assuring that she will comply with her tax obligation, calling other business people also to bear in mind the taxes and fees as part of their core business.

“Every business person must know that taxes are for the national interest to allow different infrastructure be available. For instance taxes build hospitals, roads, classes and many others. We all need to place the national interest before our personal interests. There is no way to be sure of your personal gain while the country in general is insecure.”

Michel Habumugisha, a retail dealer in Rubirizi, Kicukiro said also paying taxes in not burden to business people. He said that he is happy with the tax lessons given, requesting for regular tax education at their premises. According to Habumugisha, those who fear to venture into business

“Abiding by tax obligation is benefit to all everybody, a benefit to every Rwandan because when taxes are not paid we can’t get infrastructure like security. Paying taxes is the brick every person can bring to build the nation.”

Tax education is a regular activity as the taxpayer registry widens. Deputy Commissioner for taxpayer services Drocelle Mukashyaka explained that education to taxpayers is a continuous activity in order to help new registered to comply with their tax obligations and avoid penalties. The free toll is always open to taxpayers for support by dialing 3004.

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