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Tax officials in EAC to double effort in fighting tax evasion

By Emmanuel Rutayisire

Tax Investigation and Enforcement officials from tax authorities in the EAC Region concluded a two-day meeting yesterday in Kigali with a resolution to deepen cooperation and harmonization in the areas of training, collectively effort in profiling tax evasion schemes and proposing solutions.

The meeting which was hosted by RRA brought together among others the Commissioners for Tax Investigation from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda to discuss how best they can jointly fight tax evasion.

The Kigali meeting was the 6th edition following the one held in Nairobi.

“The evasion of tax distorts market, denies governments of tax revenues and is cross border. Thus, fighting the vice yields maximum effect when is planned and executed jointly,” Mr. Bizimana Ruganintwali Pascal, Deputy Commissioner General and Commissioner for Corporate Services speaking at the meeting.

Signaling a sense of urgency in fighting tax fraud, among the action points adopted at the close of the meeting, it was agreed that technical committees will meet three times per year.

Participants at the meeting noted tendencies deployed by tax evaders in the region are similar, which require a uniformed approach to tackling them.

They also emphasized the significance of successful prosecution in enforcing compliance.

Mr. David Yego, Commissioner for Tax Investigation, Kenya Revenue Authority told the meeting:

“Recently we took over 300 cases to court, and what has happened is that many people are rushing to put their tax matters in order because they fear to be prosecuted.”



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