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Product Certification


"Application" refers to a form and set of documentation with testing samples and accessories submitted to certification department by applicant in accordance with valid application format;

"Applicant" means a company or physical person registered in Rwanda who is attempting to obtain certificate for supplying Electronic Sales Devices by the means of certification;

"Applicant identification" issued by certification department upon registering applicant for identification purposes on application and reporting documentation;

"Certificate" evidence for compliance with requirements;

"Certificate holder" means a company of physical person registered in Rwanda who accepted the responsibility for fulfilling obligations stated in Regulation;

"Certificate designation" refers to a issued by certification department upon presenting certification report;

"Manufacturer" The manufacturer of the product;

"Product" refers to Certified Invoicing System or Sales Data Controller or device with integrated functionalities of CIS and SDC in accordance with Regulations;

"Regulations" Valid standards or requirements for the product and certificate holder.

1. Technical Specification for CIS and SDC(updated July 2013)

2. Certification procedure

To apply for the certification of your product use the following forms:


By submitting application to certification department applicant accepts the conditions of certification. (Request conditions of certification from

The application shall only contain one model of the product. In case of integrated CIS/SDC a model is identified per each separate application by the unique hardware version number and software version number.

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