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Supplier Registration

If your business is sales of cash registers, POS devices, software, software development, or any other activity related to the means of issuing invoices affected by Electronic billing machines specification, you must start adoption with the requirements as soon as possible.

You should complete this form to become registered as a potential supplier of Electronic Sales Devices. Becoming a supplier is prerequisite for submitting your application for certification of either CIS or SDC:

Expression of interest to supply Electronic Billing Machines


“Supplier” means a company or physical person registered in Rwanda licensed by Authority for holding certificate for CIS and/or SDC, manufactured in or outside Rwanda, and selling it to the market as a representative of the manufacturer or manufacturer;

“Distributor” means a company or physical person registered in Rwanda who is having distribution agreement with Supplier and a license by Authority to sell CIS and/or SDC in Rwanda.

A supplier represents a company or physical person registered in Rwanda who has identified himself by means of the certification of CIS or SDC. This information has been introduced to the Authority when entered as a certificate holder.

This registration process may be completed at the same time when CIS or SDC is certified, however CIS or SDC certificate will not be published until Certification Committee approves supplier to be compliant with following requirements:

  • Supplier’s performing activity is related to supply or service of any electronic devices;
  • Supplier has capacity to provide training and support users of Electronic Sales Devices intended for sale;
  • Supplier does not have solvency problem.

To register as a new supplier use the following form:

Supplier’s registration form

Note: Complete registration form with required attachments must be delivered to Certification Department located in:

Rwanda Revenue Authority, 2nd Floor, Avenue du Lac Muhazi Avenue , Kimihurura P.O. Box 3987 - Kigali.

Registration of supplier will start from December 5th, 2012.

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