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Laws, Policies and Rulings.


Law No 02/2015 of 25/02/2015 modifying and complementing Law No 37/2012 of 09/11/2012 Establishing the Value Added Tax. No 25/2010 of 28/05/2010 Law modifying and complementing Law No06/2001 of 20/01/2001 on the code of value added (...)

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Ministerial Orders

Prime Minister’s Order Law No 08/03 of 09/05/2007 on Establishment, Composition and Functioning of the Tax Appeals Commission Ministerial Order Law No 002/07 of 09/05/2007 Governing the Implementation of the Law No 25/2005 of 04/12/2005 on Tax (...)

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Commissioner General’s Rulings

Commissioner General’s Instructions Law No 00/2015 of 01/06/2015 determining fees on services provided by Rwanda Revenue Authority Commissioner General’s Rules Law No 01/2001 of 01/08/2001 Governing VAT Commissioner General’s Rules Law No 02/2002 (...)

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Customs Laws

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