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Deputy Commissioner General and Commissioner for Corporate Services

Deputy Commissioner General and Commissioner for Corporate Services assists the Commissioner General in his every day duties and coordinate activities of all support departments.

He is appointed by the Prime Minister's Order for a five (5) year term renewable only once upon approval by the Senate.

The Deputy Commissioner General has the following duties and responsibilities among others; 

1. Formulation of policy and overall management and performance of the authority. He may also act in the absence of Commissioner General,

2. Ensures that budgeted revenue targets are achieved and that the authority operates in the approved expenditure budget limit,

3. Implements fiscal policies approved by the Government on the recommendation of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning,

4. Monitors preparation of the RRA plan of action and submits it to  achieve the aims and objectives of the authority,

5. Advises the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning with respect to the fiscal policies likely to affect both the methods and the amount of revenues collected,

6. Submit regular reports to the Board containing financial statements, performance indicators as set out in the establishing legislation , and other management information required,

7. Oversees and manages the management team in order to ensure effective implementation of departmental actions,

8. Ensures an appropriate management, organization structure and terms and conditions of employment so that the sufficient  staff of sufficient staff of suitable caliber are motivated and disciplined,

9. Make recommendations on tax policies, reforms, regulations and legislation,

10. Manages the RRA operations to ensure proper functioning of the services.


Deputy Commissioner General and 
Commissioner for Corporate Services
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