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Commissioner for Finance

Departmental Mission

Consistent with the RRA’s mission, the Department of Finance has the overall mission of establishing and maintaining efficient financial management and accounting systems and processes.


The departmental strategic objectives are developed to support the organizational strategic objectives. Specifically, for the Department of Finance, these include;

1. To contribute to the processes of maximizing the flow of revenues to the government by ensuring the existence of efficient and effective procedures for collecting, safeguarding, accounting and reporting of government revenues and Social Security Fund contributions.

2. To establish and maintain systems of managing and controlling organizational costs with the objective of minimising the overall costs of collection.

3. To develop and maintain the means of providing accurate and reliable financial management information to the stakeholders of the RRA across the government of Rwanda as a means of contributing to national planning and development.

4. To advise senior management on the treasury and financial management aspects of RRA so as to ensure that public funds are well utilized and RRA maintains a good liquidity position.


  • To manage and coordinate RRA’s on-going computerisation programme, always ensuring it is aligned with RRA’s mission, objectives and priorities.
  • The responsibilities of the Department of Finance are set out in its medium term departmental plan.
  • They consist of:
  • The preparation and presentation of the RRA’s budget;
  • The preparation of consolidated management reports and statutory financial accounts (including information about revenue collected and expenditure incurred);
  • The operation of advances for payroll purposes and other financial transaction processing; and
  • The operation of the RRA’s internal financial procedures and controls.


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