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Clearing Agencies

A clearing agency is an agency licensed to transact any business related to the goods entrance or exit. Basing on the Customs law, importers are obliged to engage customs clearing agencies for clearance services. In a bid to (...)

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Role of Clearing Agents

A clearing agency assume the following duties: i) furnish, whenever required by Customs Administration, an authorization from each of the firms or persons by whom he is employed to act as their Customs Agent; ii) not represent a (...)

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Licencing Process

New Application When you apply fo the fisrt time, the licensing Officer receives the application by stamping “received” on the face of the application and forward it to the Licensing Officer. The Licensing Officer assigns each file a (...)

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Action in Case of Violations

Customs administration, by order, suspend or revoke a licence for any of the following reasons, namely: breach by the licensee of any provision of this procedure manual; negligence, dilatoriness or inefficiency of the licensee in (...)

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Updated list of clearing agencies.

Updated list of clearing agencies

Average release for clearing agents (Days, Hours & Minutes)

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