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The main responsibility of the Taxpayer Services Department is to foster mutually beneficial relationships with external stakeholders through a variety of taxpayer services including customer education and Public Relations. The Department disseminates legal and technical tax information in a simplified way for everyone to understand, so as to promote voluntary compliance. Some of the methods used to deliver these services include tax clinics tailored to meet the specific needs of customers, participation in public events such as shows and exhibitions, and the annual Taxpayers’ Day.

Mission Statement

Foster voluntary compliance through the delivery of enhanced programs of taxpayers education and high quality customer services. Optimises service delivery through cross-departmental team-based working processes.

Strategic objectives

To sensitize and educate taxpayers on the incentives and follow up of implementation of the general standards of customer services by developing strategic public relations activities and a culture of customer care

Specific Objectives

  • To design and conduct comprehensive taxpayer education programs on importance of taxes in a country and the role of taxpayers to be compliant, tax incentives and taxpayer registration

  • To improve the corporate image of RRA by improving our Corporate Social responsibility.

  • To follow up the activities of TAC and to finalize the process of their establishment at Districts level.

  • To generate simplified written information and guidelines including tax reforms for taxpayers and the general public.

  • To produce special radio and TVR programs and using drama as a tool for sensitizing the general public.

  • To reduce the complaints of taxpayers and partners through good management of suggestion boxes.

  • To follow up the activities of Tax Friend Clubs in secondary schools and to create other new ones in higher educational institutions.

  • Improve the skills of staff for Taxpayer Services Department.

  • To speed up the management of feed back of complaints and information through hotline and website.

  • To set up an operational Call Center

  • To monitor customer handling within the RRA operational departments essentially and other departments.


Mr UWITONZE Jean Paulin

Deputy Commissioner for Taxpayer Services

Kimihurura KG4 Ave8

P.O. Box 3987 - Kigali, Rwanda





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