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Mission Statement

To coordinate the preparation of the RRA corporate plan, conduct research studies and provide reliable tax information to management, the Board and other Stakeholders.

The Department Strategic Objectives

  • Coordination of Corporate Plan preparation and its ultimate monitoring for its effective implementation within the Authority;

  • Compiling and analyzing information relating to revenue data and reporting on it to management and other stakeholders;

  • Coordinating RRA’s input into tax revenue forecasts made by MINECOFIN;

  • Conduct research studies on all issues that have an impact on the tax base;

  • Coordinating regional and international issues as well as donor-funded projects in which the RRA is involved;

  • Coordinating RRA modernization programs;

  • Co-ordinating RRA’s advice to the Ministry of finance on macro-economic and tax policy issues;

  • Developing Tax Administration Operational Policy.



Ag. Deputy Commissioner for Planning & Research Department

Kimihurura KG4 Ave 8

P.O. Box 3987 - Kigali

Telephone: +25078818551




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