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The Legal and Board Secretariat Department provides legal services in support of RRA’s mandate in line with the Corporate Plan.

The Department supports enhanced revenue collection through:

  • Making proposals for more relevant and effective legislation;

  • Continuous follow-up of tax cases pending in the courts and the evaluation of potential and pending cases with a view to their early conclusion;

  • Representing RRA in court; and

  • Cooperation with other government departments to ensure issues affecting revenue leakage are addressed.

Mission Statement

To provide legal advice and guidance in order to maximise revenue collection at minimum cost. To manage and coordinate appeal cases and to serve the Board effectively.

Strategic Objectives

  • To ensure that effective legislation is in place to enable revenue collections.

  • To handle appeal cases professionally and expeditiously

  • To represent the Authority in all litigation cases and drafting new or amended legislation



Commissioner for Legal Services and Board Affairs 

Kimihurura KG4 Ave 8

P.O Box 3987-Kigali, Rwanda

Tel: 0788185513


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