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In line with RRA’s mission, the mission of the IS/IT Department is to make a positive impact on the RRA’s revenue performance and administrative efficiency, through the provision of cost-effective, reliable and secure IS/IT services and systems.

Strategic Objectives

  • To manage and coordinate RRA’s on-going computerisation programme, always ensuring it is aligned with RRA’s mission, objectives and priorities.

  • To assist departments with the definition, introduction and support of cost-effective computer systems.

  • Setting up IT strategies in RRA in conformity with the NICI II Plan.

  • Update the standard of IT systems and equipment to be used in RRA;

  • To procure necessary IT equipments, software and services through the normal tendering procedures.

  • Supporting other departments in their daily activities requiring the use of IT systems

  • To ensure RRA’s IT assets are safeguarded and properly maintained in good working order.

  • Facilitating the taxpayers service delivery by providing reliable and secure systems and up-to-date equipment;

  • Managing the fiscal data by assuring the data entry and databases security;

  • Using the technology to increase Rwanda fiscal and non-fiscal revenue;


Mrs Louise Kalisa INGABIRE

Commissioner for Technology and Digital Transformation

Kimihurura KG4 Ave 8

P.O. Box 3987 - Kigali

Tel: 0788185505


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