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The mission of Administration and Logistics Department is to serve and support the overall objectives of RRA by procuring and providing a variety of quality goods and services responsive to the needs and challenges of RRA staff/departments at competitive prices, proper financial stewardship for payments, while observing procedures, policies, laws and guidelines as well as ensuring security and conducive working environment.

Strategic Objectives

We strictly adhere to a disciplined and systematic process ensuring reliable supply at optimum cost and quality, whilst working to clearly defined objectives that:

  • Ensure timely procurement in a planned manner avoiding any disruptions to operations due to lack of goods/services;

  • Acquire quality goods/services with a focus on reducing cost, minimizing risk and improving levels of service and technology;

  • Develop key supplier relationships and ensure best terms of supply;

  • Maintain awareness of market conditions and sources of supply;

  • Ensure staff work environment is conducive and required logistics are provided;

  • Ensure construction projects of RRA are properly controlled and assets are properly maintained;

  • Generate RRA assets inventory and submit a report annually;

  • Maintain central archives that ensure easy documents retrieval and proper storage of materials;

  • Establish and monitor security procedures and protocols for RRA premises on daily basis

  • Adoption of best practices and continuous improvement in efficiency.



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Administration & Logistics Department

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